3 Glamorous Earring Styles to Get You Ready for Christmas Party Season

It’s unsure what 2020 will have to offer in terms of Christmas parties. There’s sure to be those that were all too eager to abandon ship and cancel all of their plans around Christmas this year. While we’re not judging those people, we love some healthy introversion, we’re going to get excited to celebrate 2020 getting closer and closer to being over.

With that said, let’s have a little look at some truly glamorous earring styles that will get you in the mood to party this winter season.

Let’s get going!



You’re sure to have noticed that over the last few years, climber earrings have become more and more popular. If you have no idea what climbers are, you’re not alone. Basically, you wear them as you’d wear any other stud earring. The difference is that the design of climbers allows them to look as though they are climbing up the sides of your ears.

These earrings are uber chic and sexy, as well as being simple to wear and style. You can wear them during the day with no issues – they’re not too showy or over-the-top – and then come the evening time it’s easy as anything to style your hair away from your face and let them shine.
Climbers are a good choice for a party earring because they’re fairly purse-friendly. You’re sure to find an assortment of styles at shops like River Island just as much as you can find luxury examples made with precious gemstones. There’s definitely a gradient of glamour that you can apply to climber earrings to make sure they suit your personal style.


Clip On

It’s easy to hear ‘clip-on earrings’ and think of the naff earrings that you had to wear before you were allowed to get your ears pierced, but those days are over. Turn to vintage and antique earrings and learn that ‘clip-on’ can be a great thing, actually. In fact, having pierced ears is a relatively recent trend.

In the Victorian period, having pierced ears was seen as ‘uncouth’ – something for sailors and ladies of the night only. The hairstyles of this period, however, left the ears exposed, and so naturally, ladies still wanted to accessorize the space without tarnishing their reputations. And so, clip-on earrings were invented.

A lot of clip-on earrings are every bit as beautiful and valuable as luxury earrings, just without the weight pulling on your earlobes. If you want to feel as fancy and frivolous as a real Victorian Lady, consider cracking out some clip-ons when it’s time to have the office party this year. Or better yet, wear a full hoop skirt and bustle (or not, your choice).



If you’ve lived through some portion of the 20th century, you probably think of pearls as being an ‘old lady’ stone, for fuddy-duddies and grandmas. It’s time to learn, however, that pearls are back and they couldn’t be stronger. With the Millennial and Gen Z interest in the past and all things nostalgic, retro jewellery like pearls couldn’t be more on trend.

Pearl earrings are undoubtedly a classic, and this winter will be the perfect time to show them off. They’re a great one to buy because they are so timeless, even if they fall out of vogue again in the future, it’s guaranteed that they’ll come back around. Definitely not a one-hit-wonder of a gemstone.

Another big plus of pearl earrings is their variety. There’s the classic pearl stud that can never go wrong – perfect for formal parties as well as more casual affairs. Then there’s dangling earrings with pearls, the perfect accessory to make you look like the richest, most fabulous socialite in all of Paris, New York, and LA. Beyond that, there’s also the option to pair pearls with gemstones of your choice, whether you want to pick a favorite color, a birthstone, or something else with significance to you.

This is only a brief intro into the styles available to you for some festive earrings this year. Yes, we’ll all be glad when 2020 is finally over, but until then, let’s party the right way. Happy Holidays!

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