The Frugal Grandmom Media Kit

The Frugal Grandmom is written by a new grandmom. I’ve lived and loved the journey of frugal living. On the life-long journey to be rich at heart, we all could use some help. I’m here to serve you!

I’m here to share thoughtful ideas, frugal resources, family deals, recipes, and more. My aim is to encourage you as we live a frugal and simple life.

The Frugal Grandmom is a PR Friendly blog. I’m a busy grandmom of two and looking forward to working with you.

I share all things that make life easier and help moms and grandmoms to get organized and live a simple, joyful life.

You may contact me at I’ll be thrilled to see how I can best represent your product with my eager readers. I’ve been in the blogging industry since 2013 and am ready to help your business grow!

Social Media Stats

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I would love to work with you on any type of blog or social media campaign that suits you! If you want to see your product featured here contact me at chronicallycontent @ I look forward to hearing from you!