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Are you looking for more ways to save money? I’ve assembled a huge collection of resources that I am glad to recommend to you. I hope that you’ll try some of them and save money on many products that you need.

Save Money On Food:

Coupons – Digital and Print coupons are perfect for saving at grocery stores. I get my best digital coupons from Dillons. Almost all large grocery stores have digital coupon services, with tons of coupons to download for automatic savings.

Ibotta – This great phone app allows you to snap a picture of your receipt and save on their ever-updating list of products. You can get cash-back!

Checkout 51 – This phone app is easy to use and earn cash back. Browse the list of foods , snap a picture, and get cash back!

Savings Star – This one works a little differently. You need to select the stores you’ll be shopping with. Upload your loyalty card before you shop. Then you can choose your purchased product and click on the item you want a rebate on. You can cash in with paypal or your bank when you reach a $20 threshold.

Flipp – This phone app will have every newspaper grocery ad in America. You’ll be able to scan to find the best deals in your area. Add them to your Flipp grocery list. Next add any coupons that Flipp has for you. If you upload your loyalty store card to Flipp, you’ll get the coupon savings automatically on your groceries!

Fetch Rewards Earn rewards points when you buy groceries. If you buy something on the list, you get points that add up to free gift cards. If you sign up with my referral code, you’ll get 3,000 Fetch points (worth $3.00 in rewards) Here’s my referral code: 1B5KB

Shopkick – You can earn kicks (rewards) for walking into a store and making purchases (in-store or online). This phone app works for a multitude of stores, not just grocery stores. If you want to start out with 250 rewards points, join with my referral code: FREE746832. Once you are a member, you’ll get your own referral code that you can share with your friends.

Dosh – This phone app works when you link your credit or debit card. If you shop or dine at 1000’s of places, you’ll automatically get up to 10% cash back. It can then be uploaded to your bank or paypal. It’s easy to use. After you get your account, you can refer your friends and earn $5 per referral.

Loyalty Cards – Almost every store has a loyalty card, which will give you specific benefits.

US Bank 123 Kroger Credit Card This credit card is affiliated with Kroger stores. You can use the credit card everywhere, but you’ll get the highest percentage of rewards on their brand. They’ll send you wonderful coupons on things you regularly purchase. But, the best thing is the checks (based on reward points) you cash in on groceries. You actually get free groceries! When you combine this with the discounts on gas, our family saves a ton!


Online Shopping:

Swagbucks – Swagbucks is well-known for the free gift cards you can earn by shopping online, searching the internet, watching videos, games, and huge points for special deals in your “inbox”. I’ve been a Swagbucks member for years and have earned 100’s of dollars worth of Amazon gift cards. There are lots of rewards to choose from. This is one of my top earning programs! When you sign up through my link, you and I will both get hundreds of Bonus Points!

Rakuten – This is the former EBates, and is my favorite way to earn free money. Almost every store is linked with Rakuten. Every time you want to shop online ( and some in-store, too) just go through the Rakuten link. You can benefit from all the coupon codes that are added and the best part is the cash back! Each store will have a certain percentage of cash back to get from your purchase. Sometimes you’ll find there are bonus days. This one is necessary to save more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Retailmenot – This site and app has tons of digital codes for online shopping, cash back at almost 900 stores, and Rx Saver for prescriptions. The Genie (chrome extension) will help you get all the savings automatically popping up when you shop. You can even get cash back when you purchase a gift card.

WikiBuy – Try this extension on your computer with most browsers or as a phone app. When you’re shopping at Amazon, it will add another place to purchase the same item at a cheaper price. The bright green W will let you know where you can click to get a better deal.

Quick Rewards – Earn Free PaypalFree Amazon Gift Cards and Free In-Store Gift Cards to nearly 50 national retailers and restaurants including Walmart, Disney, Target, Home Depot, Red Lobster, Kohl’s, Domino’s Pizza, Best Buy, GameStop, and more!

Amazon Prime – If you’ve never seen all the benefits of Amazon, check here to see about doing a trial run (it’s Free). There are also discounted prices for low-income and students. The benefits are immense! I’ve shopped with Amazon Prime for years, because my health conditions make it better for me to shop online. The free shipping has been a wonderful thing for us. The free tv shows and movies are perfect for saving money when you don’t want to pay for cable.

I also get tons of free gift cards by using the Amazon Prime Credit card that gives me 5% back in rewards for shopping at Amazon. Add to that the movies, music, games, free shipping, and reading; we just love our Amazon Prime!


My Favorites: – This free financial software is comprehensive. When you share your bank account, credit cards, and more, you’ll be able to keep track of your entire financial picture. You state your financial goals, and it will help you keep track of your status. You’ll get customized ways to save and reminded that a bill is due. We’ve used this free service for years on the computer, and now it’s also available as a phone app.

Constant Contact is the email service I use. I send daily Newsletters for both of my blogs. Constant Contact offers the best features for newsletters for any blog or business. If you have a small business, you’ll want to have this company working for you. They give really personal service, with phone calls to help you get started and grow. They offer website building and tons more services.

Siteground- If you want to have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you have just got to use Siteground. When you sign through my link, you’ll get a low-priced monthly fee and the best professional website! Over my 6 years of blogging, I’ve tried many ways to get a site set up, and have pulled my hair out (literally).

Stuff Blogger’s Love:

Cactus Media – You can become a publisher with them, and share amazing deals on major brands. Great pay, too.

Get Blogged – If you become an affiliate with Get Blogged, you’ll find more choices for paid campaigns than you can possibly complete. I highly recommend this one!

Valued Voice – Bloggers can make cash with small and large campaigns alike. Join this wonderful group to make money with your blog.

Crowdfire – Try out this service free to see all the amazing features you’ll get with this Social Management service. You can schedule all your posts and social media posts to increase your engagement! Grow your blog!

WP Engine – This webhosting service works with WordPress and offers great themes. With this link you would get 3 months free.

Siteground – All of my blogs are hosted by Siteground. I’ve used them for years, and they have top-notch service. When there is a technical issue that I don’t understand, I simply put in a help ticket and they fix it for me. The site is easy to use and the updates are always complete. Great professionals!

ShareASale – If you’re a blogger, you’ll want to be an affiliate for ShareASale. There are tons of merchants with links that are updated with various deals to pass on to your readers.

Amazon Affiliates – A Huge influencer program where you can monetize your blog with a big variety of links.

Amazon Influencer – Another monetizer where the owner creates a store of products that are recommended to the blog readers.

CJ Affiliate Network – A huge affiliate program (similar to ShareASale) where participants apply to merchant programs in order to post ads and links to earn fees.

Linqia – This influencer program works with the top brands and pays faster than other affiliate sites.

Cooperatize – Cooperatize is a marketplace for brands to purchase sponsored content from bloggers and influencers.

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