4 Ways To Invest In Others

I think one of the hardest thing about the Covid-19 quarantine was how isolated many people became. My life is more isolated than most, because I live with chronic illnesses and spend a lot of time in my home. In the past, my family was always involved in church groups, women’s groups, and clubs. These types of interactions were wonderful and we were able to have great friendships.

After moving to a new city and being more isolated with Covid, we now hope to get back to spending time with others and investing in the lives of people that we don’t know yet. There are many people in our town that could use some friendship and encouragement. With the holiday season coming soon, we like to think of ways that we can serve others in our community.



Being a mentor to a young person or someone close to your age can take many forms. Mentorship can be a formal thing, such as being a Big Brother or Sister in the Boys and Girls Clubs. Mentors can also just be a person taking upon themselves the urgency to lend a hand or offer advice to someone who might be struggling. You’ll want to be a good role model and share your skills or knowledge to someone who might need it.


Volunteering is needed in many ways. Organizations are always happy to have volunteers. You could help with places such as: soup kitchens, food banks, Salvation Army, homeless shelters, and more. There are even volunteers in hospitals. Informal volunteering can be done organically, as well. Is your neighbor unable to mow their grass because of an illness? Helping them by mowing their yard will make such a difference in their life. Does a single mom need help moving out of her apartment? You could carry boxes and furniture for her. Just look for a need and volunteer to meet it.

Food Bank

Helping People You Know-

You could offer to babysit for a young couple in your church or group of friends. New moms would love a meal. Older neighbors might like you to do an errand for them. Investing in others takes time. It takes having a servant’s attitude. You’ll do things like this with no expectation of re-payment. It’s done out of a heart of giving.

Opening Your Home-

Opening your home or backyard is a special way to invest your life in others. Having a new family over for a movie night, s’mores around the fire pit, or coffee will make them feel welcome. If you are a Christ follower, you could host a Bible study in your home. There are many ways to use your home for the good of others. What’s your favorite way to invest in someone else’s life?

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9 thoughts on “4 Ways To Invest In Others”

  1. This is really good advice, it is so rewarding to help others! I am very isolated and spend most of my days alone with my kids. We don’t know anyone in our new town and I am working on being more involved and making new friends.

  2. These are great ways to spend time with and impact the lives of others. God has been pressing on my heart to open my home up to people who want to pray with someone else and/or needs prayer.

  3. Very good post with very good ideas. Everyone should enjoy the rewards of doing for others. It is a wonderful feeling to think (or know) that you have been a blessing to others. My community knows that my home is open to visit, talk or pray together.

  4. Every chance I get I volunteer at the homeless shelter. We were in a situation where we were homeless, so i like to give back.


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