An Inspirational Cup Of Coffee

I love coffee.  Every day starts with two cups of the wonderful brew.  Hubby and I take great pleasure in trying new blends and brands.  So, we were thrilled to test this new brand!


RAM Advantage Coffee is our new favorite.  This 100% Arabica coffee is bold and delicious.  What a wonderful way to wake up.  Have your heard of RAM Advantage?  We were just introduced to this brand by our son-in-law, who is a RAM Advantage Athlete.

Their dog, Elsa is being trained as a Service Dog.  Alex takes her to Vacation Bible School and works with the Special Needs children.  She is a star at Bible School and Alex ministered there again for the 2nd year at his church!

Alex is a perfect athlete to be given the RAM Advantage tag!  He is such an inspiration to me and everyone that knows him.  He has a lifetime of dedication to his health.  And, it’s not any easy life.

Alex was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at a young age.  His family was dedicated to helping him maintain his health.  Alex did everything his doctor told him.  One thing that made all the difference was the doctor told him to exercise religiously if he wanted to have a healthy life.

Alex took that advice to heart and worked hard every single day.  He played sports all through school and even cheered.  He was so strong, that he later cheered in college.  His love for weight-lifting brought him into the world of competitive body-building.

Body building takes extreme determination with the work outs and special diets.  He manages his diabetes, even with the ups and downs that come with this life.  We’re so proud of him! You can follow him at: @type1thor

So, if you’re interested in supplements that are great for you who are dedicated to your health, you should check out RAM Advantage!  They offer Neuro Supplements, Quality Apparel, and Coffee.

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