How to Stop Photos From Taking Up So Much Space on your phone.

Unsplash – CC0 License Every year, the cameras on phones get bigger and better. It’s not uncommon for today’s flagship models to come with 48-megapixel sensors or more.  Unfortunately, though, storage capacity hasn’t increased at the same rate. In fact, it’s been lagging behind significantly.  Because of this, many users are wondering whether there’s a … Read more

How to Get a Letter From Santa

Disclosure: Affiliate link included. All opinions are 100% my own.Disclosure here. Are your children or grandchildren getting excited about Santa coming to their home in a few weeks? Have they been writing letters to him? Wouldn’t you love it if your child could get a letter from Santa? Well, they can! Directly from the North … Read more

How Homeschooling Can Improve a Child’s Future

Image Credit  Homeschooling has several advantages for children; it can make their learning more meaningful, boost their confidence, and improve their chances of attending a quality university in the future. If you are still to be convinced, read on to find out more about why it works.   Flexible Learning  In conventional education, children must follow … Read more

4 Activities to Bond With Your Grandchild

Image credit Today’s dynamic world offers exciting opportunities for grandparents and grandkids to bond like never before. The Internet, for example, has opened a virtual window of opportunity for grandparents to stay in touch with their grandchildren who may live across the country or even on another continent. Many grandparents, however, don’t have computers or … Read more

9 Tips To Help Keep You Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

Image credit Everyone knows the winter months are when cold and flu season strikes. Cold and flu season typically starts around September and can last until April. You catch your coworker sneezing, your neighbor is still coughing from the double whammy of a summer cold and straining of the head from a lingering cough that … Read more