How to Stop Photos From Taking Up So Much Space on your phone.

Unsplash – CC0 License Every year, the cameras on phones get bigger and better. It’s not uncommon for today’s flagship models to come with 48-megapixel sensors or more.  Unfortunately, though, storage capacity hasn’t increased at the same rate. In fact, it’s been lagging behind significantly.  Because of this, many users are wondering whether there’s a … Read more

Critical Things To Consider Before Switching Careers

Switching careers is something many of us have considered at one point in our lives. Yet, making the change from something we know and have experienced into a new career can be extremely intimidating. Indeed, there are many important factors to consider before you decide to make a career change. Read on to discover what … Read more

Twitter is Closed

My Twitter account is closed. I closed it myself. With the new owner charging people, I started to follow the news about Twitter. Yesterday when all the security ceo’s and security heads walked out, I was worried. Musk has connections and owes money for buying Twitter to countries who don’t wish the best for the … Read more