Genna the Giraffe Scentsy Buddy Giveaway


Lisa Ehrman

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  1. Cheryl Ann Bomar says:

    My grandson has this cute little bear that he carries every where he goes! He calls him Beary!!

  2. Tina F says:

    My daughter loved a stuffed mouse she got when she was 2 or 3. He was about 2 feet long. She brought him everywhere. She is 28 and we still have him. He is sitting on a stand in my room.

  3. Jeanna Massman says:

    My daughter had two best friend plushies named Bingo Bear and Bear Bear. She also had a favorite blanket. All of these lovies got lots of hugs and kisses. We made the mistake of trying to spruce up the blanket by replacing the satin around edges. Our daughter was not a fan of the remodel. We had cut off the old satin edge and with her permission, we threw it away. Just as the trash was being picked up, she decided she wanted the satin remnants so I rushed out and dug it out while the sanitation patiently waited. She tied the old edging around her bears as sashes.

  4. Rosanne says:

    My son had a stuffed animal that was a little dolphin that he would put in his shirt. He called him “Teddy Dolphin”

  5. gloria patterson says:

    child’s favorite “buddy” Zadaya’s favorite is here Minney Mouse stuffed animal. She has had it since she was just starting to walk and she is 5 now. She has a car seat with Minnie on it and she love it to.

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