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Cell phones are getting more features than ever before. With all of the new features come higher and higher prices and fees. For this reason our family started shopping around to find the best deal we could get. We wanted all the unlimited talk and text and plenty of data. When I saw the prices, there was no contest in who had the best deal…Verizon Prepaid Wireless.

We had just moved to a new state and our old regional wireless plan just wasn’t going to work. I searched all the specials on the internet and the Verizon Prepaid Wireless seemed almost too good to be true. But, it was true! With three of us in the family looking to get a new phone plan, this was going to be a very easy choice.

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What Do You Need?

There are four different plans available from Verizon Prepaid Wireless, based on what you need. The newest addition to the plans is that you can get 5G. Check out these amazing features:

  • 5 GB – This plan comes with 5G nationwide and a mobile hot spot. The base price is $40, but with special deal you’ll only pay $25 per month.
  • 15 GB – This plan also comes with 5G and a mobile hot spot. The base price is $50, but you’ll only pay $35. per month. This is the plan we chose.
  • Unlimited – Unlimited everything. The mobile hotspot is $5 extra. The base plan is $65, but with the special deal you’ll only pay $50.
  • Unlimited Ultra 5G Wideband. The base price is $75, but with the special deal you’ll only pay $60.

Here’s the Special Deal that Gives you the Lower Price

The Loyalty deal saves you more after you have stayed with the plan. Once you reach 4-9 months with Verizon, you can save $5 per month (per line). When you reach 10 months that will increase to saving $10 per month (per line). And, if you use Auto-Pay you get an additional $5 off each month (per line). We did this and got all the discounts. It saved us so much money!

Samsung A21
Samsung A21

What Phones Come With The Plan?

This isn’t a contract plan, so it doesn’t come with a phone. You can bring your own phone or purchase one to use. You can bring your own phone number, which will save you a ton of hassle. You can see all the great phones on the website and fall in love with your favorite. The iPhone 12 is available, as is the new Samsung A21. I’m very excited about the new Samsung A21! That would be my choice if I could get any phone I wanted. The new video features look amazing!

The Best New Offer

Would you like to save with the new Verizon Prepaid Wireless Offer?

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This offer ends on March 31st, so don’t wait!

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