Have Your Candy And Drink It, Too

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Junior Mints Hot Cocoa

Junior Mints Hot Cocoa is a rich hot cocoa flavored with peppermint and chocolate, just like Junior Mints candy. Do you like the taste of Junior Mints? This tasty candy has a wonderful peppermint flavor and coated with dark chocolate. The hot cocoa comes in 40-Count K-Cups in a easy-to-use box.

I love trying all the varieties of Hot Cocoa from Two Rivers Coffee. Because Junior Mints candy has always been one of my favorites, I was very excited to try the Junior Mints flavor of hot cocoa.

This 40- Count K-Cup Box is perfect for moms with busy households, grandparents who love to offer warming drinks for her grandchildren, and many others. When do you like to serve hot cocoa? I love sharing it with my family on snow days, nights for caroling, and any time we want a comforting chocolate cup.

When I serve my family hot cocoa I want to make sure that it’s something that is good. Junior Mint K-Cups have no trans fat or cholesterol. And, each Junior Mint K-Cup has only 60 calories per serving. This means I will be keeping some great Hot Cocoa in my pantry for those cold days and days when my grandchildren are visiting.

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If you’re like me, hearing about this flavor makes me think of candy. Two Rivers Coffee has created many great hot cocoa flavors that taste like real candies. Check out their Variety Pack and see all the ways they have changed the hot cocoa flavors – Charleston Chew Chocolaty Nougat, Vanilla Nougat, and Strawberry Nougat. Other flavors are Tootsie Roll, Junior Mint, and Sugar Babies.

Do any of these flavors bring you fond memories? Growing up we ate Junior Mints, Sugar Babies and Tootsie Rolls. Who would have dreamed we could drink these flavors in a rich cup of hot cocoa?

Well, thanks to Two Rivers Coffee, we can pop a K-cup into our machine and having steaming hot cocoa flavored in delicious flavors. I love the Junior Mint flavor and I hope that you’ll join me for a cup.

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