Homeschool Grab Bag

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What is a Homeschool Grab Bag?

Homeschool Grab Bag is a content sale created by two bloggers who actually homeschool their kids. Just like you, they were tired of the increasingly complicated bundle sales, the strategizing, the shopping.

They saw the need for quality homeschool materials that were easily accessible and affordable. Then they caught the eye of over 50+ other bloggers and brands who were happy to support them! 

Homeschool Grab Bag Options

Homeschool Grab Bag is available in 2 options. When you head to the website, you’ll find the Super and the Deluxe bags. 

Because Homeschool Grab Bag’s mission is to be affordable for all homeschool families, there is a significant difference between the contents of the two bags, but they’re both on sale for 97% off retail! 

On top of all the contents in the Super Bag, which has a retail value of $779.83, the Deluxe Bag boasts of 71 Premium Products that push the value of the Deluxe Bag to $1547.11 total!

How do I get the Homeschool Grab Bag?

Both Grab Bag options are delivered to you immediately via the email you provided at checkout. 

You’ll receive a beautifully designed Digital PDF that showcases each product with a product image, short description, and a coupon for you to claim the product from the content creator for $0.00.

By being able to see a photo of the product and understand its purpose, you’ll easily be able to determine whether you want to “grab” that particular product. 

You have 3 months from the last day of the sale to lay claim to your Homeschool Grab Bag items. All of the coupons in the Homeschool Grab Bag will expire on October 31st, 2020.

So what’s in each Grab Bag?

The Super Bag

This particular bag is the most affordable. It has 51 products and retails at $779.83 price. But, with your 97% off, you’re getting it for only $24.95! 

The Deluxe Bag

While this is the more costly option, this bag includes premium products that are exclusive to the Deluxe Bag!

The Deluxe bag, which includes 71 products and is valued at $1547.11.

I’m most excited about this premium product!

How do I get Homeschool Grab Bag? 

The Homeschool Grab Bag sale started this morning and will go through 11:59PM on July 20th.

To read more about Homeschool Grab Bag or to purchase it, you can head to the Digital Grab Bag website

But if you have questions about the Grab Bag you purchased, or have a problem with your purchase, you can reach out to Digital Grab Bag by emailing them at

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