How To Celebrate Fall With A Backyard Renovation

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Fall starts in just a few days and we’re eager to get outdoors and enjoy it. There’s no better place to celebrate the new season than your own backyard with family and friends. Whether you want some low-stress and relaxing time outdoors or plan to host a big cook-out, backyards are the best places to do it. If your backyard looks like a place that grass is dying, and not much else, you may need to do a little renovation.

One of the key features of a backyard that’s ready to entertain is a fire pit. Fire pit’s have become the centerpiece of backyard fun for so many families. They bring so much ambiance, but also have practical features. They’re great on a cold night to warm up around the fire pit and even toast some marshmallows. What do you think of when you think of firepits?

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What will make your backyard cozy? Comfortable seating is so important. You could add chair cushions in fall colors so that it will feel comfortable sitting for hours with your family or friends. Lighting is another way to create a relaxing mood. Hanging string of lights above your deck or patio looks wonderful, and hanging in or under the trees is also magical. Lanterns placed around the eating area look beautiful and provide enough lighting for your meal.

Pumpkins are a sure sign of fall. Pick pumpkin colors that you love or that go well with your furniture. I love all the color varieties, especially the green and cream colors. Pumpkins can be stacked or just placed any way that suits you. My other favorite is planting mums in gorgeous colors! Mums and pansies look lovely together and can be planted in the ground or in pots.

Throw in some music and you’re ready for a fun evening. Does anyone in your group play a guitar? That will make it even better to sit around the fire and sing favorite songs. If no one wants to play or sing, an outdoor speaker can play music that’s calm and relaxing. And last but not least, bring on the S’mores.

And to be a little more frugal, you can use this code on your next fire pit purchase from Sunnydaze: FIRE10.

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  1. I absolutely love fire pits! There is just something so relaxing about them. Comfortable seating is also a must for my backyard haven.


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