How To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Teeth

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Dog Toothbrushing

Taking care of a dog is not an easy task, but it so worth the time and work involved. Dog’s bring so much joy and laughter to a home. Our family never knew what we were missing until we brought our first dog into the home. Our little adopted dog, Archie, is such a sweet fur-baby.

Having a dog join the family means that I need to plan ahead to keep him safe and healthy. Regular vet appointments, vaccinations, safe ventures outdoors, good nutrition, are all important things that I schedule in order to keep him with us for a long time. Giving him his heartworm preventatives and flea and tick medicine are two easy things I can do to protect my dog.

One thing that’s easy to forget about is my dog’s dental care. I don’t normally look at Archie’s teeth, but I know that I should. So, I’m learning more about dental care in dogs so that I can help my dog have healthy teeth and gums. Here are some things that I learned:


Cleaning Dog’s Teeth With A Toothbrush

Periodontal disease is just as bad for dogs as it is for humans. And, many dogs have signs of it by the time they are three years old. Your dog’s teeth need to be brushed or cleaned in some other way. Using a dog toothbrush isn’t always so easy but dog teeth cleaning can be done without a brush. Sometimes people use a spray or dental wipes in place of a toothbrush.

Cleaning Dog’s Teeth With Treats And Chews

Another way to help remove plaque is by using dog dental treats. Dogs love treats a lot more than toothbrushes. They can come in many different sizes and flavors and are designed to remove plaque and tarter when dogs eat them. Dental chews are also favorites with man’s best friend. They help with dog’s breath and the chewing helps to remove plaque and tarter.

Cleaning Dog’s Teeth With Professional Cleanings

The tips by the American Kennel Club also recommend having your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned. But between vet visits, the at-home dental care for dogs is a wonderful way to care for you dog.

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5 thoughts on “How To Take Care Of Your Dog’s Teeth”

  1. That dental spray sounds interesting! My dogs really aren’t fond of getting their teeth brushed, but I think they wouldn’t mind a spray.

  2. Taking care of your dogs teeth is so important! I have found if you start brushing their teeth when they are young, they are more used to it and don’t mind as much.

  3. I wish I would’ve started brushing my dog’s teeth when they were puppies. Having 4 dogs is a handful but they all line up every single morning for their dental bones. They don’t do that for any other treat, dental bones are definitely their favorite!


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