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After college students are ready to take on the world, getting a great job that will help them to start paying off all the student loans. The only problem is that the great paying jobs are hard to come by and are snatched up by those who have degrees plus lots of experience in the specific field. A fresh-out-of-school man or woman isn’t as tempting to the hiring manager.

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This is why there are internships and fellowships. It depends on the career path as to whether or not you’ll need an intership or a fellowship. Internships are found more in business and financial careers, whereas fellowships will be found in medicine and educational careers. But they both offer low-paying jobs that are designed to give the graduate experience in the field as they learn on the job with mentors to guide them.

It is a wonderful thing to be an intern, but it isn’t going to provide the pay that a graduate will expect. Sometimes becoming an intern is necessary, especially if your field is global. An international career calls for even more special skills that need to be learned on the job.

No matter where you live you the globe, everyone will agree that having a New York, NY internship will impress any corporation to which you want to apply. New York City has so many internship types, but some of the top ones are finance, architecture, media and theatre. I’m sure that you can agree with those four when you picture New York in your mind.

New York City is big and the best people are trying to break into their fields. If you get an internship there with a good firm and make a good impression there’s a great chance you have a wonderful career ahead of you.

When you realize that you are going to be an intern in New York City, it’s time to think about all the practical things that are needed. You have to live somewhere and rent in Manhattan is very high. Many interns find room-mates and live out of the city. They can take the subway into work each morning.

Many employers are much more interested in your experience instead of your degrees. If you have an internship on your CV it will be so impressive. Having an internship from a top business or corporation will be even more impressive.

Many times a graduate can shop around for a company who sets up internships for all types of career fields. They have certain schedules, including teaching them what they should know in order to succeed. Then, they set the graduate up with a place to be an intern. They help with logistics and support. This would be great for a young graduate. Moving to a huge city like New York can be so overwhelming!

If the student is offered an overseas internship, the benefits could be huge! They will need visas and all the requirements to be fulfilled before traveling out of the country. Experiencing the culture of a foreign country in which your career niche started or where it’s the most well-known would be inspiring!

Each international country can help to schedule an internship in New York. Some countries make their internships very hard to find, so it would be helpful to go through an organization that specializes in these types of tours.

The best part of scheduling your internship through a professional internship company is that they will have prepared all of the things that you would never even think about. They can walk you through the most useful online courses and teach you how to polish your CV so that you really stand out from the crowd.

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What wouldn’t you give to have a personal toolkit to get you off on a perfect start, so that you wouldn’t leave out any important steps. Having a personal coach gives you a chance to ask questions and discuss problem areas. The coach can support what you’re doing right and give you great ideas to try the next time you make a presentation or practice interview.

Learning to and getting the chance to network in your career field is actually priceless. Networking and gaining connections that matter can make or break your career.

What do you think is the most important thing that you need help with? Would it be: Interviews, CV or Linkedin account? Do you have personal career advice or ideas that you want to ask a professional? A career coach can make it so much easier. All of these things can be gained using International Internships New York.

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Lisa Ehrman
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About Lisa Ehrman

Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.
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