Pros and Cons of Raw Food for Dogs

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Raw Meat

One of the latest trends in dog food is raw meat. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this, and began to learn all I could. My dog has a very sensitive stomach and always throws up anything new that we’ve tried with him. Let’s look at the pros of raw meat for dogs:


  • Digestion – Some studies have suggested that a dog’s digestive system can be benefitted with raw food. It is supposed to work good with their digestion, because raw food digests more quickly. It should also produce less stools, that should smell better.
  • Better Coat – The coat should be shinier because of the zinc and Vitamin E in the raw meat.
  • Most dry dog food is heavy on carbohydrates, and there are no live enzymes.
  • Better Teeth and Gums – Raw meat with bones will help to clean the plaque on dog’s teeth.


  • Bacteria – A dog could get Salmonella or other bacteria. They may be able to not get sick, because they aren’t as susceptible as people. But, they could get diarrhea. Even if they don’t, they could spread bacteria (which could be a problem if you have small children).
  • Bones – Bones have pros and cons. Small bones that can splinter, such as a chicken leg, can be dangerous. Large bones are fine for dogs to chew on, and have benefits for teeth.
  • Dog allergies – Whatever food you use, there are some dogs who have food allergies. So, always watch for new symptoms when you try a new food.

I was excited to try a new raw food for my dog, called TruDog. This family-owned business was started to make it easier for families to feed their dogs nutritious, responsibly sourced food. They sent me the BoostMe Freeze-Dried Raw Booster. It’s made with premium cuts of USA sourced beef meat, organs, and a little herring oil (to help with digestion).

This is a meat topper, which means you add it to the top of the regular dog food. Instead of buying toppers that have been cooked at a high heat, Boost Me is freeze-dried. This helps to lock in the nutritents that my dog needs to thrive. When I placed some on top of Archie’s dry food he was very eager to eat it. He dove in and literally licked his bowl clean.

For every cup of dog food, the recommended topping is 2 Tablespoons. Boost Me is meant to be used as supplemental feeding, so it doesn’t take much. Since it provides protein and amino acids, I know it will support Archie’s muscles and health. And, I know that he loves it.

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