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When I turned 40 I realized that my eyes had changed.  Even though I’d worn glasses and contacts for over 30 years for near-sightedness, now I couldn’t read well with them on.  It was time to get myself a pair of readers.

Before I was to see the eye doctor, I went to the drug store and checked out the available styles and strengths there.  These weren’t very attractive; they were black and silver.  Ten years have past, and now readers have really changed!

Finding Readers.com has been wonderful!  I was happy to review my choice of readers recently and I love them!  There are so many adorable glasses there.  Any style that you could want can be found at Readers.com.  Choices for men or women include a huge list.  Classic, modern, retro and other styles will make you just as happy as I was.

The Signature Collection are handmade and have thin lenses.  These quality glasses, made from premium acetate, come with a protective case.  If your eyes don’t quite match, you can order custom readers, with each eye just right for you.  With these made-to-order readers you can choose from bifocal or fully magnetized lenses.


Do you like to read out of doors?  You’ll want to check out the high-quality polarized Sunglasses.  They will reduce the glare and come in 4 styles and a variety of color choices.

If you are in front of a computer all day, like me, you’ll want to block those rays with the Optical-quality computer glasses.  The Blue-Light Blocking glasses will help to reduce eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, and fatigue.  Doesn’t that sound helpful?

My choice was the Buttercup style.  I selected the Purple Floral, because it was so pretty.  The pink and purple frame is a good shape for my face and it comes in strengths from 1.00 to 4.00.  There are 4 color choices for this frame.  The frame is plastic with spring hinges.  It’s a well-made and fully magnified.  With the low price, you may want a pair in each color.

If you shop now, you can save 30% on the Spring Sale through March 19th.  Make sure to use the code: SPRING30.  I know you’ll love whatever style that you choose. 

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  1. When you keep having to hold small print further and further away it’s time for some readers. I will be stopping by their site later. Thanks.

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