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Last year I found out that I had severe sleep apnea.  I was very surprised and immediately wanted to get treatment.  My doctor referred me for a Sleep Study at my local hospital.  After a night there, it was determined that I needed a CPAP.

Sleep apnea is common and many people I know also use a CPAP machine.  The CPAP was easy for me to adjust to and I love the way that I sleep with this helpful health tool.  I know that I’m improving my health, too.

What I really hated was washing the hose and nasal mask.  The nasal portion should be cleaned daily and the hose every three days.  Cleaning the hose was difficult and messy.  The instructions said that to clean manually I should use warm, soapy water inside the entire hose and then rinse.  This hose is long and it didn’t fit well in my bathroom sink.

I never felt like I was properly cleaning the hose, because it is wide and hard to make sure that it was truly clean.  Then, it had to be air-dried.   It was so long that I hung it over the shower rod, and yet by the night-time, it still wasn’t completely dry.

I had seen the ads for the SoClean machine, but didn’t have the extra money to buy it.  After I saved for a while, I purchased my unit.  The written directions weren’t completely clear to me.  I found this Youtube video on setting up the connection.


After watching the video, I connected the SoClean 2 so easily.  Then, I put the mask and hose inside the machine and turned on the manual setting.  It’s also easy to set up automatic cleaning, but I don’t get up at the same time every day.  This machine is so easy to use, and now I know that it’s clean and doesn’t cause me to get sick from germs.

There are many places to purchase the SoClean.  I purchased mine at my local medical supply store.  They had a small discount for the regular customers.  Your physician may offer you a discount coupon to order, too.  They are for sale at Amazon where they may be on sale.  I would encourage you to clean your CPAP with SoClean.

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  1. I’m so glad you found something to help you! I think my problem is I worry so much and especially when I lay down to sleep at night. Maybe this is something that can help me in the future!

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