Swaddling, Simplified

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For many parents, swaddling is a must and has a lot of benefits, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. An age-old practice that’s been passed down from generation to generation, swaddling offers a resemblance to the womb that your baby has become accustomed to. It also keeps them nice and snug, helping to control the Moro reflex that can startle your baby awake — resulting in a crying baby. The problem is, not all babies are a fan of the swaddle even though it helps causing it to be a struggle to get on. Plus some parents just can’t get the hang of a traditional swaddle, making it difficult to get it tight enough or back on after a diaper change. Luckily, for parents everywhere, Nested Bean is here to make swaddling even easier with their latest product — the Zen Neo. Founded by a mom who was in desperate need of sleep, herself, Nested Bean was developed after a simple act of putting her hand on her baby’s chest with a stuffed animal and it resulting in her baby sleeping under the gentle pressure. Then, after tons of research and consulting with doctors and pediatric pulmonologists, the world’s first gently weighted Swaddle and Nested Bean were born! Tested in leading safety laboratories, and inspected by pediatric pulmonologists for breathing safety, their Zen Sleepwear exceeds rigorous safety standards, both mandatory and voluntary, by over 8 times. Now, while their classic Zen Swaddle has been a favorite among parents for a long time, Nested Bean has taken it a step further with their new Zen Neo and has simplified the swaddling process even more. Loaded with parent-friendly features that make swaddling dramatically easier, the Zen Neo keeps your baby snug and comforted with a womblike pod design that’s stretchy but snug and cozy to prevent startles. The single flap, Cuddle Pad™, distributes gentle weight evenly across the chest to relax baby and the easy 2-way zipper makes nighttime changes a breeze without having to ‘unswaddle’.Also designed with a hidden self-fastener that easily secures to the back in one simple motion and a comfy, well-fitted neckline to ensure the Zen Neo won’t ride up on baby, your little one will be relaxed and comfortable.Soothed by the perfectly calibrated weight, your baby will fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with Nested Bean’s new Zen Neo swaddle. Get yours today and soon it will become your new nesting essential. Shop Now

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