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Top Things to Consider If You Are Going to Get a Family Pet

Creating, and growing a family is a life ambition for many people. Each family home will be unique, with a different definition of what a family is. It could be that you and your partner are as big as you … Continue reading

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Hands-Free Dog Leash System from LifeHandle Giveaway

Welcome to this great giveaway for your dog from LifeHandle. Enter below for your chance to win.s Welcome to the Hands-Free Dog Leash System from LifeHandle $59.99 ARV The Hands-Free Dog Leash System from LifeHandle $59.99 ARV This giveaway is … Continue reading

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Reasons To Protect Your Older Dog’s Back

My sweet rescue-dog, Archie, will be 8 years old in the new year. He’s been perfect for me to have as a little companion or emotional support dog. He never barks (unless he sees the UPS man) and is very … Continue reading

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How To Stop Your Dog Barking

Barking is a completely natural part of being a dog. Dogs bark to communicate with each other and with us, and this is not a problem unless they begin to bark excessively and in situations where barking is excessive. If … Continue reading

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Chippin High-Quality Dog Food

Chippin High Quality Dog Food. Read my review of this high quality, low carbon-pawprint company. Continue reading

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Why Raw Food Can Boost Your Dog’s Health

Treat Me Food for Dogs Continue reading

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