How To Stop Your Dog Barking

Barking is a completely natural part of being a dog. Dogs bark to communicate with each other and with us, and this is not a problem unless they begin to bark excessively and in situations where barking is excessive. If your dog’s barking is starting to become a problem, you might be interested to know … Read more

How Archie Moved Into His New Home

I knew that Archie would have a hard time moving to our new home.  Archie is my sweet little adopted mutt.  He loves routine and our family.  He is a little baby that loves constant cuddling.  Because of my chronic medical problems, I spend hours each day resting.  Archie loves to rest in the recliner … Read more

Saving On Your Pet’s Needs


Disclosure: affiliate link is included. Are you an animal lover?  You may have one or more pets and you know how expensive owning a pet can be.  When I wanted to get a small dog, I wasn’t sure what type of dog I wanted.  But, I knew that adoption was the best option for me. … Read more

Let Furhaven Fill Your Stocking


Affiliate link included. Does your dog’s bed look worn out?  Archie really “loved” his bed when he was a younger pup.  He loved it to death.  He’s also outgrown his soft little bed.  I think Christmas might be the perfect time to give him a new bed! Furhaven Pet Products, Inc. I’m thrilled to find … Read more