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How do you teach computer technology in your homeschool?  Technology skills are necessary for kids (and adults).  There are many courses out there, but how about finding one that has super ratings?

TechKnow Training Studios

TechKnow Training Studios was voted Top 100 Educational Site by  TechKnow Training  has also been reviewed by Cathy Duffy, and  They sell courses to individual homeschool families as well as Co-Ops, Homeschool Groups, and private schools.

They include two great Freebies with a subscription: A free parent account and EduTyping Keyboard courses.  The Parent Perks are really great.  Parents can learn with their free account, too.  In the parent perks, parents can:

  • Monitor how much time students spend on the course, as well as their progress
  • Run student progress reports
  • Take any courses their students are taking
  • Gain access to reporting tools that keep track of transcripts and more
  • Have direct access to TechKnow Techs to get help with resources

They offer a huge list of courses, with everything from Microsoft Word to Building your own Computer.  Check the courses HERE.  

TechKnow Training has High School Credit information for your students who are taking technology courses for high-school credit.  The Course Syllabi are also ready for you to click and print, if you like.

My favorite thing about the program is the Student Achievement System, where students can be rewarded for learning new skills and completing courses.  Badges can be earned and points calculated. This helps students to keep track of their learning and share the success of their accomplishments.

And, every 9 weeks TechKnow Training rewards one student with a special prize. Prizes could be:

Robot Kits, Drones, iPad, computer software and more!  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  

Baby Computer

There is also a Fun Zone on their website for games.  They’ve created a separate server for Minecraft games.  The only access is for registered students, so it’s a safe place to play.

I hope you’ll check out TechKnow Training Studios.  They have a 30-day Free Trial. I was privileged to meet their representatives at the HEAV Convention in Richmond this summer. 

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