The Elegant And Award-Winning Scale: Ozeri Touch II

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There are many reasons why you should use a good kitchen scale, like Ozeri Touch II, in the kitchen.  I had never used one before now.  My relative, a Type 1 Diabetic, purchased a kitchen scale to help him count his carbohydrates.  A scale can also help you know for sure about portion sizes.

Ozeri Touch II

Americans’ serving sizes have been increasing over the years.  With a kitchen scale, you can know for sure if you’re eating what you think you are eating.  Anyone on a diet may want to measure their serving sizes.

Vegans and vegetarians will use a kitchen scale to make sure they are getting the proper amount of protein.  If they know how many servings of protein they need, they can accurately pre-measure their food.

Kitchen scales are more accurate than just using a measurement scoop.  So, using a scale can be easy and even fun.  And, scales have come a long way.  The older models weren’t nearly as accurate.

Today, we have digital and lightweight kitchen scales.  There are numerous low-prices kitchen scales.  The Ozeri Touch II won the Top Ten Reviews Gold award.  It was rated best in category. I love that it’s not heavy, like the old models used in kitchen years ago.

The Ozeri Touch II is so accurate and can convert to metric.  This is wonderful for cooking with recipes in grams.  It has the ability to weigh from 0.1 ounces to 18 lbs or 1 gram to 8000 grams.

I love the feature of the high-contrast blue backlit LCD screen, that is easier to read. Because of this, I won’t need my magnifying glass or glasses to see the numbers.  It also has 2 touch-sensitive buttons and 4 high-precision GFX sensors.

One thing I worry about with food preparation is bacteria on surfaces.  Bacteria can multiply quickly; doubling every 20 minutes. The Ozeri Touch II is the first kitchen scale to include Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection.  This helps to prevent bacteria growth as well as stains.

The Ozeri Touch II has a slim design and elegant shape.  It looks great in White, and also comes in Red Engine and Teal Blue.  These colors are lovely and you should be able to use one of these in your kitchen.

The button can subtract the weight of your food container, too.  They’ve thought of everything!  2 Lithium batteries are included.  And, don’t reach for your screw-driver.  You won’t need it with this easy-to-access battery compartment.

To purchase your own Ozeri Touch II Kitchen Scale, check Amazon.

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