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Welcoming Brand Submissions For My Christmas Gift Guide

Yes, I know it’s only September. In preparation for my upcoming Christmas Gift Guide, it takes a lot of early planning. I hope to offer all my lovely readers the best new and exciting products in my 2020 guide.

Every year, I do my best to showcase a variety of family-friendly items that people will want to see under the tree. This year, I hope to again surprise my readers with the best gift ideas ever.

Any businesses that would like to work with me are welcome to contact me on the contact page or at my email: chronicallycontent (@) gmail (dot) com.

Welcoming Brand Submissions for my Christmas Gift Guide

Your great products will be reviewed with a lovely individual post and shared on social media, in addition to being shared in the Gift Guide.

Giveaways for one of your products is also an available service. I hope that you’ll allow me to be of service to you and help you grow your business. Etsy and Shopify businesses are welcome, too!

If you know of a business who would be interested, please share this post. Thanks!

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  1. Sounds exciting, always good to see gift guides. Smart that you’re preparing ahead of time. Neat to see opportunities like these.

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