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Why You Will Crave the Crave Vermont Maple Coffee

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Back to School time brings with it the longings for autumn. We’re tired of the summer heat and look forward to the turning of the leaves and cooler temperatures. Autumn and Vermont go hand in hand. The tastes of Maple Syrup from Vermont have been captured in a cup of coffee. That’s why I’m sharing my delight in tasting the Crave Vermont Maple Coffee.

Crave Vermont Maple Coffee

Vermont Maple is Delicious

I usually drink my coffee with cream, but I tried my first cup black. This coffee is flavored, but doesn’t have an artificial taste or aftertaste. The coffee was rich and just the right strength for my taste. It was a true medium-dark roast. My second cup with cream was even better! The rich coffee was like maple dessert in a cup!

Maple is one of my favorite flavors. I love maple donuts, and this coffee reminds me of those scrumptious treats. I’ll be enjoying each and every one of the 40-Count box of Crave Vermont Maple Coffee pods.


Crave is Compatible

These pods are compatible with any K-pod machine, even the 2.0. My coffee maker is a different machine than Keurig, but this coffee pod fit perfectly and worked great! I love that the pods are also able to be recycled. Using pods and filling up the landfills is not what I want to do. To recycle them: peel off the top, dump and rinse the pod, and it’s ready to go in the recycle bin.

What kind of coffee does Crave use? 100% Arabica beans are fresh-roasted and then flavors are added. The coffee is Kosher certified and has no calories or sweeteners. It’s ready for you to drink black or you can add sweeteners and creamer, as you like.


It’s Easy to Order and Save Money

I think that you’ll definitely be craving Crave Vermont Maple Coffee! It’s so simple to order from Amazon. It comes with Prime shipping, so you can order today and get it tomorrow! You won’t need to wait long to fill your mug with some amazing flavor.

Amazon Prime also lets you subscribe to the Crave Vermont Maple Coffee. You can save 5-15% on this subscription, based on the size of the box that you choose. Crave comes in 40 count or 100 count. There are many other yummy flavors to try. They even have a variety box that contains a mix of: Vermont Maple, Blueberry Vanilla, Butter Toffee, Caramel, Cinnamon, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Southern Pecan.

They all sound perfect for breakfast, mid-day, or after-dinner (or anytime in between). When do you like to drink coffee? Whenever you drink it, you’ll want to try Crave Vermont Maple coffee. So, start craving!

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18 thoughts on “Why You Will Crave the Crave Vermont Maple Coffee”

  1. Well, I have been drinking my coffee black for years now, but this Vermont Maple is tempting enough to try. I love maple!

  2. My grandpa used to drive metal pipes into our maple trees and when it was boiled down,it was so good.i think i will love maple coffee.

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