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For many years, I’ve known that my body over-reacted to chemicals and fragrances in my environment.  My first reactions to cigarette smoke and truck exhaust fumes were instant headaches.  Then, I reacted to perfumes, hairspray, tires, the cleaning isle, paint, and the list started growing.  Headaches were soon followed by hives and anaphylaxis.  Now, I carry an epi-pen to use if necessary.  

When I’m at home, there are tough cleaning problems that need solutions.  What can be done when soap and water just aren’t enough?  Well, I do my research and look for companies who are out there meeting the needs of people who don’t want or can’t live with toxic chemicals in their lives.  EnviroKlenz is one of the good guy companies.

EnviroKlenz allowed me to review one of their awesome products.  I selected the Odor Neutralizer granules.  This is a very light-weight and easy to use product.  They have many super products that can support you in your home or any living environment.  Let me tell you about the Odor Neutralizer Granules!

Have you ever had a cleaning solution or other smelly liquid that you accidentally (or your kids accidentally) spilled on a rug or carpet?  Personally, we’ve removed all of our carpets, because my son has asthma and I have Mast Cell disorder.  But, we do have a few throw rugs.  And, of course, this is where we’ll spill something smelly.  When you spill something smelly, it’s so much better if you can immediately handle the spill at home.  Taking the rug to the cleaners is very expensive.  If you call the carpet cleaner to come out and clean your carpets, this means you will have to wait and then pay a high price for their service.

Having a super easy product like the EnviroKlenz Odor Neutralizer Granules can save your day!  All you need to do is to shake a generous amount on the spill and let it soak up the liquid.  

It soaked up the liquid in just seconds and then I was able to scoop it all up with a paper towel.  The EnviroKlenz Odor Neutralizer Granules have absolutely no scent.  I’m extremely sensitive!  I stuck my nose right down close to the granules and had no reaction at all.  There wasn’t a delayed reaction, either.  This was a wonderful surprise!

In this picture, the rug is still damp.  You can see where the granules have been. There is no scent of the spilled solution, nor the granules.  Everything smells very clean and fresh!  The throw rug colors are wet, but have not smudged.  Everything came out well, and I felt great with no reactions at all!  I’m very impressed with EnviroKlenz.

EnviroKlenz Natural Cleaning Products

On the EnviroKlenz website, not only can you purchase their products, but you can learn a tremendous amount of information about how to keep everyone in your home safe from chemicals and: indoor air qualityproducts for laundry, and everyday odor elimination.  You can learn more about allergies, asthma triggers and mold triggers.  You’ll see testimonials and find their wonderful blog, too.  I hope you’ll check out their great site soon and see why I was so impressed when I began this review.

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