Frugal Summer Fun

How are your summer vacation plans coming?  If you’re like me, you haven’t made them because of financial reasons.  We had thoughts of a beach trip, but hotels on the beach are so pricey!  This type of trip would need to be in the off-season to be affordable for our family.

What are some good ways to have summer fun without spending much money?  Here are a few ideas  that I have found:

*Check your local Park & Recreation Dept: Classes in almost anything that you could think of,  many are free or cheap

*Public libraries offer free programs: book clubs, music programs, volunteering, and more

*National Parks: Free days are sometimes available, cheap fun, lakes, camping, picnics, etc

*Day trips: check with your local tourism board or online, explore your area for museums,  parks, arts, sports, tours, concerts, and outdoor movies

*Whatever interests you or your family can be fun.  If you love baseball, look for a local game.   Even if it’s just a free kid’s game, it can be exciting to go cheer on the children.  Finding a  picturesque park and taking a picnic can make a beautiful memory!  

It doesn’t take a lot of money to enjoy your summer.  Don’t fret over not being able to make huge vacation plans.  The best vacations are the ones where you smile, relax, and don’t have credit card debt.

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