4 Reasons Why Online Games Are Great For Adults

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Children love online games and would play all day if they were allowed to. As an adult, have you considered playing online games? There’s not always a lot of time left in the day for playing games, but when time is available adults can find many great reasons to play online games.

Golf Solitaire on Tablet

Whether you like to play on your phone, tablet, or laptop, online games are fun and a great way to relax.

After a hard day at work, a weekend break, or just when you’re waiting for an appointment, pulling out your phone can be the perfect time to play a game or two. I can’t tell you how many times I play Solitaire on my phone at the doctor’s office. It calms me down when I’m nervous and prevents a lot of boredom.

Here are 4 reasons why online games are great for adults and not just kids:


If I feel tense or nervous, I can count on playing a game to relax me. Instead of feeling tense, I can have a better mood by playing. As adults, playing a game is good for us. You certainly don’t need to be a child to have fun playing. Online games are some of the easiest and quickest games. Solitaire.org is one of my new favorite places to find lots of fun games.


Adults have so many things to remember. As we get a little older, we notice our memories aren’t as good as they used to be. Short term memory can benefit from playing games. Matching games are great for helping our memory. How fast we think can also benefit. Making connections between brain cells can be improved with playing games. We don’t get a higher IQ, but we can have a more active brain by playing games.

Kitchen Hidden Objects Game on laptop

Noticing Details

I love Hidden Object Games. These games cause the player to pay attention to detail and notice all the little things. The player must find specific items in a big picture to match them. I really enjoyed playing the Hidden Kitchen Free Hidden Objects game. The bright and colorful pictures have many items on the counters and floor. Many things there are similar, so you have to notice specific details of everything. Playing with physical puzzles or online games like chess are great for this benefit.

Creative Thinking

Thinking out of the box, creative thinking, or problem solving are all strengths we want to have. Whether we’re at work or at home, we need these skills in our lives. Many online games rely on the player to use strategies and try to out maneuver the opponent (which is the computer software).

I love that it’s free to play these games and you don’t have to worry about ads. Free phone apps have tons of annoying pop-up ads. Solitaire.org doesn’t have that, but it does have a great variety of game choices.

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  1. I love playing online games! There are definitely benefits to playing them. They help me relax and I can see how they help with memory as well.


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