The Frugal Grandmom
The Frugal Grandmom

Living a frugal lifestyle is great. It gives you the opportunity to learn about things, and you get to cut corners in order to save money. In fact, frugal living helps create self-sufficiency, something that everyone could easily benefit from. However, while the frugal life is great, there are times when you should just pay up. Sure, hiring a professional can be expensive, but there are some things that just need to be left to the professionals. So, here are some professions that you’re better off hiring instead of DIYing.

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Professional Mechanic

These mechanics are trained in automotive technology and are able to diagnose problems more rapidly than DIY mechanics. They also have access to more tools that allow them to do their job more efficiently. While you may be able to do certain things like an oil change, you’re still far better off just having a professional mechanic help you out with your car.

Professional Car Painter

It’s obvious if someone did not hire a professional painter for their car. A professional painter will be able to paint your vehicle in one day and give it a good look-like new again. Those who DIY this usually end up having their care look worse. Remember, car paint is a special paint, and regular paint will just not cut it. You’re much better off visiting a professional painter. Plus, there’s a chance that if you did DIY this, you’ll be spending about the same money.

Health Care Professional

This can include dentists, doctors, and even therapists. While you could easily go online and self-diagnose yourself from info on, you’re better off seeing a doctor. Plus, there are some things that you may not be able to do such as dental care or procedures. So, make sure that you see a health care professional.

Home Improvement Contractor

While there are more than enough home improvement YouTube channels online, you’re still better off forking over that extra money and just getting some help from a contractor instead. Plus, this may end up being cheaper because if you’re doing a DIY project you’ll need all the materials while contractors can get them for a steep discount.


During the pandemic, so many barbers were temporarily closed down. This meant people couldn’t have their appointments, and the hair just kept growing. Then, there was a huge rise of tutorials online for cutting your own hair, and even dying your own hair. While dying your hair in-home is natural, it’s strongly not recommended to cut your own hair or someone else hair. If you don’t have that special training then you may do more harm than good.

Overall, while it’s great to have a few things that you can DIY yourself to save money, this shouldn’t be something that you should do for everything. There are some things just worth spending the money on, and these five professionals are definitely going to be well worth the investment. 

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Lisa Ehrman
Lisa Ehrman
Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.

By Lisa Ehrman

Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.

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  1. I agree one-hundred percent with these suggestions but trying to convince the male members of my family of the wisdom here is another story…

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