How To Get An Organized Start To 2022

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January is the month where we all want to claim a fresh start. Whether you want to be healthier or wealthier, you’ll need to be organized and have your goals set in order to succeed. It helps so much to let the past teach us what we need to know to have a better year ahead.

Have you used a planner in the past? What type of planner helps you? I’ve tried digital planners and paper planners, but I always prefer paper planners. I like the ones that I can print, but pre-printed planners with spiral style are my favorite. I love weekly planners, because it helps me to see the week ahead so that I don’t forget what’s coming. I need time to look ahead to stay on top of my schedule.

What type of planner do you like? Erin Condren has a quick quiz on the website to see what type of planner would work best for you. The planners and accessories from Erin Condren are the best quality that I’ve ever seen. The weight of the paper and the quality of craftmanship leaves nothing undone. You will love all the new items that have been added.

Desk with Planner

Right now, you can take 20% off everything in their store. That will be a wonderful way to keep that new January budget under control. They have planners, budget planners, wellness planners, self-care planners, and more. Check out the amazing amount of beautiful items you’ll want to buy to stay organized.

It’s easy to think about things we want to accomplish in the new year, but if we do nothing but think about them nothing will come of it. The first step in reaching goals is to write them down. Everyone will tell us that. In the past, I’ve written down goals on random sheets of paper. Guess what? They get lost and then I forget about them. Having a good planner means that we can plot the steps of reaching our goals. With a planner the goals will be in front of us, as well as the steps we can take to reach them.

I highly recommend planning with Erin Condren planners, because they will make your life easier. What’s your best organizational tip for 2022? I hope that we will all reach our best goals for a better year.

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