5 Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer

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Summer is officially here! Every year the dilemma’s the same: How can we stay hydrated during
our beloved season of sun and fun? Dehydration can lead to multiple health issues that range
from tiredness and confusion to low blood pressure and poor kidney function. It can also
severely damage your hair and skin. To avoid unnecessary discomfort, try these six simple tips
for staying hydrated, so you don’t miss any summer fun.

1: Drink your water

Summer is all about sunshine and heat. And heat means your 2.6 million sweat glands are
working overtime to cool your body to maintain its natural temperature. If you fail to replenish
your fluids, dehydration can make you feel tired all the time, not to mention putting you at risk for
other serious health problems. The simplest way around this is drinking water— and plenty of it.
If you are not naturally a water drinker, you can cue reminders to help you, like putting glasses
or bottles of water where you’re likely to see and sip from them throughout the day. And why not
make it fun? Just like a new workout outfit can inspire you to hit the gym more often, a fun,
personalized water bottle can do miracles for you in terms of your daily water intake.

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2: EAT your water

It is no surprise that some people don’t enjoy drinking plain water. It’s just not their thing! No
matter how hard they try, they just seem to not be able to drink enough water throughout the
day. If this is you, there’s good news: you can eat your water! Opting for water-rich fruits and
veggies during summer can be the smartest way to hydrate if you’re still getting used to drinking
more water than you’re used to. Watermelon can be the best option for you in this case. It’s
92% water, has lots of nutrients, and only has about 30 calories per 100g. Staying hydrated
never tasted so sweet! Want to add variety? Put some cantaloupe, cucumber, strawberries, or
lettuce on your plate, too.

3: Go for the “Half-Caf”

While almost 90% of the world’s population needs a daily dose of caffeine to make it through the
day, it’s a good idea not to over-rely on it. Along with being a stimulant, which can make you feel
jittery and nervous if you overdo it, caffeine has laxative and diuretic properties, too. Too much
may lead to dehydration.
Many experts recommend a limit of 400mg per day for adults (roughly 4 cups of coffee). If you
are a coffeeholic, opting for decaf or half-caf can help your body hang on to those precious
fluids and stay more energized long-term.

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4 Add a Little Sparkle

Plain water is the best way to hydrate well, but it’s not the only way. You can mix things up by
adding a little sparkle to your hydration routine. Sparkling water (without artificial additives) can
keep you cool and refreshed while enjoying your favorite summer destinations. Or you can
elevate your water by infusing it with slices of cucumber, lemon, and strawberry. A few leaves of
mint or basil give plain water a nice, fresh taste. Water with these ingredients can also act as a
detox to help your body function better.
Coconut water is another tasty, healthy hydration booster. This naturally sweet water found
inside the coconut is packed with numerous health benefits. It’s rich in electrolytes, free of fat
and cholesterol, and low in calories. Additionally, it may give you healthier skin, prevents kidney
stones, and lower the risk of heart diseases. Besides, what says “summer” more than drinking
from a coconut?

5 Know What You Need

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) recommends women drink about a half gallon of
a day. And your body may require more if you’re outside a lot during the summer or if
your daily life is very physically demanding. Since everyone’s body is different, it’s a good idea
to check with your doctor about your hydration needs to make sure you stay on track. They can
make recommendations for how to work more hydration into your routine and can let you know
if electrolytes or other supplements may be a good fit for your hydration needs.

These are some of my favorite tips for staying fresh and hydrated so enjoy your summertime to
the fullest. Start simply, do what’s best for your body, and make it fun whenever you can.

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Lisa has been blogging since 2013, and loves sharing resources and ideas for living a simple life. To get free printables, bonus words, and more - sign up for the newsletter.
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    Thanks for the information! It’s very important for us to stay hydrated because we live in a dry climate!

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    These are all great tips

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