Babysitter Hacks For Newbies

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When babysitters go to a new home for the first time, it’s important to start off on the right foot. You want the child/children to like you, but you also want to have control of them without them knowing it. One way to have success in that arena is to plan the day, using a theme.

Children will not be accustomed to babysitters coming in with a plan or theme, so they will be all eyes and ears. One of my favorite themes to use is: How We Played Back In Olden Times. I know that sounds a little funny, because it really wasn’t olden times, but it is to children. So, it’s fun to go along with the way they perceive it and make them have a jolly good time.

  1. Painting: If it’s a nice day, spread out a long roll of paper on the driveway. Have the children sketch the shapes they want to use and then you can carve them out of a potato half. Have finger paints in bowls and let the children paint with the different shapes. They can use brushes, too.
  2. Leaf Rubbings: Spring, Winter, or Fall are all beautiful times to pick a leaf off any tree and take them inside. Making tree rubbings with different colored crayons is a fun activity.
  3. Pet Rocks: We can tell the children that people actually paid for these things! If there are rocks around, children can hunt for their own rock. If not, the babysitter can bring one for each child. Have paints and small brushes to paint eyes, etc and personalize their pets.
  4. I grew up with Paper Dolls, but now it’s fun to buy Vinyl Dolls with reusable stickers. Melissa & Doug have top quality sets in many types: Pets, Farm, Safari, etc.
  5. Board games, such as Checkers and Chutes and Ladders are great fun. If they don’t have those board games handy, it’s so much fun to play them online.
  6. Fix them lunch like you ate back in the day: Bologna & American cheese on white bread sandwich. Make them a Coke Float to drink.
  7. A game that is timeless is to make a blanket fort: sometimes you can use a table or couch cushions. When you’re ready, everyone can get inside and tell stories. Everyone gets a turn.
  8. Basic coloring book and crayons: Make sure to have an age-appropriate and maybe seasonal coloring book.
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Of course, all of these ideas need to take into consideration the age of the child/children. If you or your daughter want to be a babysitter that is on the top of everyone’s babysitting wish list, you will want to be prepared and have a plan. This will give a babysitter confidence and the tools to make her time babysitting enjoyable and a great service to the parents.

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  1. These are great activities for babysitters to do, thanks for sharing! It really helps to keep them entertained and active.


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