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With all of my chronic illnesses beating me down, there is one thing that has seemed impossible for me to do.  Exercise!  Although I completely understand the benefits of exercise, when you’re knocked out from overwhelming fatigue, achieving my exercise goals seems out of my grasp.

Level Zero
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During my time in physical therapy, the exercise there was so difficult.  The PTA’s were there to push me through the routine and encourage me.  The challenge was unbelievable, and I would feel terrible afterwards.  As someone who could exercise easily before my Ehlers Danlos became painful, this is disheartening.  I never wanted to be middle-aged and out of shape.  It’s not laziness that stops me; fatigue and pain are the reasons.

Now that my kidney functions are abnormal, the urgency to add exercise has increased.  I feel like there is a life or death struggle in my future, and exercise must be added to my daily life.  The problem has been, what kind of exercise?

Being a member of the Chronic Illness Bloggers has given me many opportunities to try new ideas and products to help with pain.  Now, I’m thrilled to be given the chance to try a new exercise program.  The designer/author/coach has made this available to me and others to try for 6 months and review.

Level Zero woman exercise

Zero to Hero is a pilates program that I’ve just started.  The online program is delightfully led by Megan Densmore.  She has the most easy-to-follow plan, with step-by-step plans to get us from Zero to Hero.  I’m most certainly at the Zero level of fitness right now.  So, when I started my very first routine last night I was truly excited!  The first step was fun and easy.  There was no pain or weakness of any kind.

You’ll be hearing more about my experiences as I go, and then a full review.  As a physical fitness Zero, there’s nowhere to go but UP!  Check it out for yourself!

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