10 Favorite Ways To Save

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Here are my favorite ways that you can use to start saving Today!

10 Favorite Ways to Save

1.  Join memberships, but only the ones that you will actually use.  A warehouse club, like Sam’s isn’t worth it if you don’t save money there.  We save on tire purchases, gas, and bulk groceries.

2. Don’t join an expensive gym, if your budget can’t afford it.  Many people join gyms and rarely go.  You can purchase some cheap equipment at yard sales and work out at home.

3. Visit all the grocery stores in your area and farmers’ markets. Learn prices by keeping a price list of what you buy on a regular basis.  Then, shop for the best prices.  Use coupons (paper or digital) or purchase off-brands (whatever price is the better buy).  

4.  Stock up when there is a super deal on something.  Of course, if it’s something that must be frozen, you’ll need to know that you have adequate freezer space at home.

5.  Don’t go in debt for small things.  

6.  Apply for loyalty cards for all stores (online, too) where you may shop.  I keep mine in a small cloth zippered bag in my glove compartment.  When I go shopping, I can throw them in my purse.  I certainly don’t want them weighing down my purse on an everyday basis 🙂

7.  Sign yourself and your family members up for Birthday Clubs.  On their birthdays, they’ll receive e-mails for free coupons to get all kinds of goodies!

8.  Consider Amazon Prime The huge list of benefits is hard to ignore. Free prime shipping, groceries, book rentals (great for college students) used books, Kindle, book borrowing, Movies, movies, streaming, music, and the list keeps growing. If you really use Amazon for more than free shipping, it’s well worth the cost! 

9.  Consign: Consignment buying and selling is wonderful when you have growing children.  You can sell their small clothes and buy bigger clothes.  I did this with my last child and he was so well dressed!  I’ve also done it with my clothes, too.  It’s a great way to make some extra money.

10. Shop “After Christmas” sales.  When I’m filling the Christmas stockings every year, the budget always seems to be finished.  I never seem to have enough money left to buy cute stocking stuffers.  Now, I’m shopping the After-Christmas Sales (online) to purchase stocking stuffers for my older kids.  I have a box filled in my closet with great purchases, which I bought at 75-80% off!

What is your favorite way to save?  

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