Flipping Houses: Is It Better To Hold?

Disclosure: Sponsored post. Flipping Houses: Is It Better to Hold?      Never underestimate the power you gain when you purchase a home. Not only does it signify personal independence, but also financial savvy. Every cent you invest into the property will be returned, as long as the housing market stays strong.       Holding onto your property for … Read more

5 Benefits Of Having Plants In The Bathroom

plants in bathroom

This is a sponsored post.  For more details see my disclosure. Adding live plants to the home has always been a way of accessorizing your decor.  But, placing live plants can also offer many benefits.  We spend a good bit of time in our bathrooms each day, so it’s design is important.  Bathroom design has … Read more

Mom Checklist


Affiliate link included. What do Mom’s Need?  We need a lot of things. What do you need most? Mom Needs A Checklist: Easy Meals – Crock Pot cooking with simple, healthy ingredients will help Mom.  Saving time and energy, you’ll have meals ready to eat at dinnertime.  AllRecipes  My Favorites. Clean Home – Cleaning can be done by the entire … Read more