The Annual Maintenance Your Home Needs In Winter

Winter is here and you had better make sure that your home is ready for it. Aside from coping with the chill, you want to make sure that everything is working as it should, as it can be a hassle to make repairs when it’s darker, windier, and wetter, so right before winter is the perfect time to take care of the annual home maintenance needs.

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Ensure the home is heating well

If you haven’t made use of the heating throughout the fall, then you should make sure that you at least check it before winter sets in. Go throughout the home after turning it on to make sure everything is operational and, if not, get someone out to find the root of the issue. Keeping your heating well serviced isn’t just important for keeping the home comfortable, but you can save on your heating costs by making sure that everything is as efficient as possible. This can include using a smart thermostat to better adjust the heating to your needs.

Minding your air quality

You’re going to be keeping your windows closed throughout most of the winter and, as such, air circulation throughout the home is going to be worse. Making use of AC repair services can ensure that you’re able to keep your AC running when necessary and keep your ventilation clean and clear of any problems. What’s more, you should look at any potential air leaks in your windows and doors and seal them up to prevent the heat from escaping and the cool air from outside from ruining your air quality.

Give the garden one last tidy

With fall descending into winter, the garden isn’t going to be growing much for the next few months. This makes it the perfect time to mow it one last time, and clip your hedges. Most importantly, you want to tidy up any trees, as the wind can make overgrown branches a real safety concern. Of course, getting a leaf blower to take care of all the fallen leaves before the rain makes them stick to the sidewalk and driveway is a good idea, as well. If your garden surfaces are feeling a little slick with organic film, then you might want to pressure wash them off, too.

Look up

You might not think about the roof for most of the year but if it has been a while since it has had any kind of service, you might want to think about hiring a roof inspection before the rain starts coming in heavy. Spotting a potential leak before the winter starts can save you from having to pay to fix any water damage, and it can also make sure that the heat isn’t escaping out through the roof even more easily than it might already.

If you haven’t taken care of any of the maintenance tasks mentioned above, now is the time to do it. Getting everything taken care of before the bad weather makes it a lot harder to get the work done.

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