Planning Your Christmas Memories

Christmas Planner

Disclosure: Posts may contain affiliate links. It’s only 9 days until Thanksgiving and 36 days until Christmas! If you’re like me, the years seem to fly by faster each year. It seems like we just finished packing up the tree decorations last week. Although time moves on too fast for us, the joy of the … Read more

Preparing To Give Thanks

Give Thanks

Are you counting down the days to Thanksgiving, knowing that you will have a house filled with guests? If you are already a very organized person, this thought won’t make you nervous. But, if you’re like the rest of us, your heart may start racing with anxiety. The good news is that there is still … Read more

12 Black Friday Tips

lady shopping

Do you want to save lots of money on your Christmas shopping? Well, then you’re probably planning to shop on Black Friday. We all have a love/hate relationship with Black Friday. It’s a day when too many people all crowd in stores to get the hot deals on gifts. Sometimes the deals aren’t really that … Read more

Restarting Your Resolutions

January 31st has arrived.  Are you still keeping your January 1st, New Year’s Resolutions?  Now, that’s one of the hardest things, isn’t it?  If you’ve already failed, it’s common amongst us all.  You have a choice, though.  You can restart or let yourself fail. We all have good intentions and truly believe that we can … Read more

Mom Checklist


Affiliate link included. What do Mom’s Need?  We need a lot of things. What do you need most? Mom Needs A Checklist: Easy Meals – Crock Pot cooking with simple, healthy ingredients will help Mom.  Saving time and energy, you’ll have meals ready to eat at dinnertime.  AllRecipes  My Favorites. Clean Home – Cleaning can be done by the entire … Read more

Organizing The Bedroom

Organization is not my strength, but something had to be done!  Because of Chronic Illness, my home has become a very messy and unorganized place.  When you are just trying to survive, there is honestly no time or energy for organizing tasks. But, this doesn’t mean I don’t have a plan.  Clutter and messes make … Read more