How To Keep Your Children And Their Stuff Safe At School

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School has started and children and teens everywhere are busy catching a bus or riding with a parent to school every morning. As parents, we remind them about safety and then worry about them following the guidelines. Even parents have rules to obey.

If we’re driving the children to school, we must realize that there are many little children running around. It’s so important to drive the speed limit and watch out for children. Another reminder is to stay off the cell phone because of the obvious distraction.

Children and Back To School
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Parents can make smart shopping decisions that can be a safety boost. When shopping for your child’s jacket or coat, look for one with a reflective strip. This will help to keep them safer on those early mornings that are darker. Backpacks often have them, too.

Children lose things…they really do. My kids did and yours probably will, too. There’s a way to make sure these items end up in the lost and found. Good labels that stay put will help you to know that all of their school objects are going to be found and returned to you.

Labels on everything that goes to school can stop all of the items getting lost. Labels need to be very special to go through all the tough circumstances that school items will go through. Name Bubbles has labels for every situation.

Do you have a lunchbox or sandwich kit? Labels on these items can go right into the dishwasher. Stick on labels on clothing can go right through the washer and dryer (follow theapplication directions). There are labels that are perfectly designed for all age groups from day-care through college.

I love the large packs with 96 stickers. They are so easily customized with different designs, colors, and of course the child’s name. Mom’s will love the Baby Bottle Write on Labels. They are reusable and safe for microwave and freezer use.

Whether you would like Iron-on or Stick-on labels, Name Bubbles has every type of label that you would want. With the custom feature, parents can pick their favorite art, color, font, and size of the package. I think you’ll love them as much as I do. Shoppers at Name Bubbles can save 20% now with this savings code: BTS20.

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  1. I love all of the variety and designs of the labels! Truly something for everyone.. This is such a great way to ensure your supplies don’t get lost!

  2. this is some good information and I would never have thought about it. going to ask my niece if zay has labels with her name. If not I will just have to order some


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