Coloring Mischievous Cats

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Colored pencils

Coloring books have become all the rage, but not just for children. Adult coloring book use has become a great way to relax and be creative. I’ve been given adult coloring books for my birthday and I spent many hours coloring the pages with beautiful colored pencils. Colored pencils don’t just come in bold primary colors, but come in many gorgeous shades and muted choices.

Coloring books and pages are lovely when given for gifts. Every holiday, birthday, and just happy day, is the right day to give or receive an artistic coloring book. Many coloring books for adults also come with a humorous side. The Cat Coloring Book is my new favorite because it’s an instant download. If I make this purchase, I can instantly download and print out the cute pages.

The Cat Coloring Book has attractive backgrounds and settings. In each picture you’ll see a cat which is involved in some type of mischief. All of us who are cat lovers truly understand how mischievous cats can be. Cats give a home a calming effect and bring each owner love and fun. Cat’s can be so entertaining.

Look at this adorable cover! Each of the cat coloring pictures on the cover can give you an idea of what cat coloring pictures you’ll find inside. In some pages, the cats are being funny. In some pictures, the cats are in a whole lot of trouble. I love the picture of the cat being very impatient when he is ready for the dinner dish to be filled.

When you look at these cute, fat kitties, which one reminds you of your cat? They all remind me of one of the cats I had growing up. Now, with a child who is allergic to cats, I can no longer keep a cat inside. I’ll certainly miss having a cat in my home, but coloring pictures can help me to feel like I’m back in the past enjoying a cat playing with a string.

If you’re looking for an adorable gift for a cat lover that you know, check out the Cat Coloring Book. It can really make a great gift! Or, just color these pictures yourself with the instant download. Your download can be purchased in three sizes: 5 pages, 10 pages, or 25 pages.

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