Dollar Socks Box Review

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated to provide an honest review of the Dollar Socks Box monthly socks subscription service.  Even though I was compensated, the review and opinions in it are 100% my own.

Dollar Socks Box Review

Do you love cute socks?  I do, too.  I really enjoy colorful and good quality socks when I’m around the house or when I’m out.  It’s hard to find top-quality socks for a decent price, though.  And, who wants to go shopping for socks?  Not me.  

When I heard about Dollar Socks Box, I was thinking, “Socks for $1?  I don’t think that’s possible.”  I have heard of the Dollar Shave club, but not the Dollar Socks Box.  This sounded intriguing.  So, I was very eager to check out the company and thrilled to do a review.

Dollar Socks Box was gracious to send me 4 pair of gorgeous socks!  They are made of Combed cotton, which is the best type of cotton.  They are so soft and comfortable.  They’re also warm, and yet breathable.  The colors are bright and vivid.  The designs are clear and lovely.  They claim to be the cutest socks in the world, and I concur!

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After many washes, I can say that they wash and wear extremely well.  The choices are truly amazing.  The company offers so many different themes to chose from for men and women.  You’ll enjoy looking at all the different designs that are available.  Some are serene, some silly and even a few patriotic ones.  You’ll never be disappointed, because you get to select what comes each month!

And talk about the perfect gift idea….wouldn’t you love to give a pair of these to someone you care for?  You could even give a gift subscription to a loved one.  They’ll be thanking you every month and thinking of your kindness (or good sense of humor) every time they put on their pair of socks.

Another good reason to choose Dollar Socks Box is the price.  When you compare them with other socks subscription clubs, there really is no comparison.  Look at Footcardigan ($9 +shipping) and Sockfancy ($11).  You’ll select Dollar Socks Box every time.  They are the only company of the three that lets you select which pair of socks will be sent to your home. And, they are the only company that allows you to pause or cancel your subscription easily.

Dollar Socks Box Review

The designs at Dollar Socks Box are exclusive and some are just funny, like the pair of socks that look like shoes!  You could wear the Statue of Liberty socks or Coffee and Donuts.  The War Paint is really only lipstick, but the Lovin’ It socks look like your legs are a bag of french fries!  You can certainly have a conversation starter with these fun socks.  You have got to try these!

After finding out that the number 1 item asked for by the homeless was socks, the Dollar Socks Box folks, decided to help.  Every time someone subscribes to Dollar Socks Box, they will donate a pair of their socks to a homeless shelter.  Isn’t that marvelous!  I think so, too!  Check out Dollar Socks Box for yourself and see if you want to wear these adorable socks for yourself.

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