How do you plan your summer time?  Do you envision the lazy days ahead with lots of sleeping late, relaxation and family vacations?  Or are your summer days filled to the brim with scheduled classes, to-do lists, and organizational goals?

As a homeschooling mom, I always looked forward to summer as a time to accomplish all the things that I couldn’t do during the school year.  We didn’t homeschool during the summer break (June-August), so those months were free for other activities.  That didn’t mean that summer was a free-for-all for the kids or me.  We actually had plans.

Every summer was a little different, but there are many things that carried over from one summer to the next.  I guess it’s because I come from a long line of teachers, that reading and libraries are so extraordinary to me.  My children were always expected to read over the summer and participate in summer reading programs at the library.

When planning the summer’s activities, I think it’s so important to include each child’s opinion.  No matter the age of the child, letting them have a say-so is a good idea.  We liked to get together and plan what we wanted to do.  It was necessary to put some things on the calendar or they probably wouldn’t happen.

When you ask children what’s important for them, you might be surprised at their ideas.  They may want to have a picnic, pick peaches, or something completely unexpected.  Older children might have to be reminded of the family budget, but they can still contribute ideas that are meaningful to them.  Everyone will feel important and part of the family when they are able to help plan the summer fun list.

Children will also understand when the plans to organize the closets (or other chores) may need to be done in the summer.  Having more time for relaxing and daydreaming than working can be a great thing!  I always thought that being the mom and teacher was tough, because I didn’t want to always be a person who just enforced rules.  Summer gave me a time to be a different person with my kids; a time to wear another hat.

My favorite summer was one that included lots of time chilling on the deck reading books.  I read 15 books that summer.  Many were homeschooling books and sitting there with the tree’s shade was so refreshing.  The children played in the backyard with a slip-n-slide and had a great time.

What are some of your favorite summer plans?  Have fun making your Summer Bucket List!

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