Easter Basket Ideas for Older Children

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Teen Girl Easter

If you’re like me, you continue giving Easter baskets to your children as they get older. I gave my kids baskets until they moved out and it was fun to put things in the basket that I would never have used when they were little. I found that the key to giving them a great Easter basket was to put things in it that they could use.

I gave my kids things that I knew that they were interested in. Kids always have a special interest that you can use to inspire you. Do you need gift ideas? Here are some of my favorite ideas:

Artsy Basket

Does your older child love to paint, draw, or do crafts? They would love to find a basket filled with supplies to help them create a new masterpiece. Grab your coupons and head to the craft store or even the dollar store. You can find markers, paints, brushes, colored pencils, charcoals, or anything else.

Easter Basket Chicks

Gamer Basket

Does your child like to play video games? Add a couple of games to their Easter basket. You could buy used games for a much better deal. Some children like game gear, like a hat or tee shirt. I love this LED neon sign that kids would love in their rooms.

Classic Toy Basket

These baskets are fun to fill. Just find some wonderful toys that are age appropriate and there will be some happy kids. Here are some that I know kids will love: frisbee, baseball, UNO cards, bubbles, Nerf gun, or puzzles.

Sports Basket

It depends on the age of the child, but filling a basket with items for the sportsman in your house can be easy. Any type of ball, swimming goggles, earbuds for runners, Grand Slam Mad Libs, sports cap, baseball cards, or bike accessories will make kids happy.

What type of Easter basket will you build this year. Use your imagination and make it special! I hope these ideas helped you.

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  1. Beatrice LaRocca

    Thank you for sharing these Easter basket ideas, there are some great ones here for my teen-aged grandchildren

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