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Do you need an email marketing service? If you have any type of business, having an email service is important. Social media is wonderful and brings in lots of traffic, but social media changes can leave you without access to your customers. Your email list is yours to keep.

Email Service
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Because I’ve been a blogger since 2013, I’ve tried a few different email services. Now, I’m using Constant Contact and I love it! I’ve never experienced the level of customer service that Constant Contact has provided me.

As soon as I signed up for my account, I found how easy it was to set up my account and start sending emails. Then, it got even better. I actually got a phone call from them and they were more than helpful. I was given wonderful advice about my email needs and a promise to call back soon.


Then, Constant Contact created an email template for me and called me again. They made more great recommendations and answered all my questions. Now, I also get newsletters with wonderful tips and seasonal advice. I’m welcome to call them at any time with questions or needs.

I’m completely sold on their email service. They are making huge strides technically and have big plans for more and more business-helps. One of the fun things they’ve added is a connection with Facebook and Instagram. They help you to design ads at Constant Contact and follow the results. I’m excited for each new solution to my blogging problems.

From now until December 6th, you can sign up with Constant Contact and get the first 3 months 50% off! What a great deal. It’s the perfect time to try out this wonderful service. CHECK OUT THIS SAVINGS DEAL HERE

When you sign with Constant Contact, you’ll receive the personal touch and help that you need to get more customers. All the webinars, custom templates, phone calls, and ever-improving service keeps me a happy customer of Constant Contact. I hope you’ll try out their super service to help build your business, too!

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