How Archie Moved Into His New Home

I knew that Archie would have a hard time moving to our new home.  Archie is my sweet little adopted mutt.  He loves routine and our family.  He is a little baby that loves constant cuddling.  Because of my chronic medical problems, I spend hours each day resting.  Archie loves to rest in the recliner with me.

Over the months that I spent packing our belongings, Archie was anxious around the packing materials.  Any time that I make any changes in his environment I can sense and see that his response is negative.  As moving day approached, he became accustomed to the mess.  As long as he was getting enough cuddle time he felt safe.

Our move was half-way across the country and we spent 3 days making the journey.  We rented a moving truck and loaded all our belongings.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t physically up to driving our car.  We towed it behind the truck and all rode in the cab.  Have you ever been in a 26 foot moving truck?

The two steps leading up to the door were very far off the ground.  I used all the hand rails to help pull me up into the truck.  Archie certainly wouldn’t go up the stairs by himself.  We lifted him into the truck and he started shaking. 

He shakes in any auto ride in the first few hours.  A few hours after the drive began, he started to calm down.  He took turns sitting in my lap or sitting between my son and I.  We spent a lot of time talking to him and reassuring him that everything was fine.

As soon as we arrived in our new home, Archie was happy to get out of the moving truck.   He wouldn’t leave my side and looked very scared.  He followed me around and has stayed under foot now for the last few days.  I’ve tried to  comfort him with the tone of my voice and give him special attention. 

The first thing I did was to set out his usual food and water bowl in a spot and showed him where it was.  He was happy to recognize his usual dishes.  He wanted to sniff everything in the new home, and I put out his normal blanket and toys quickly.  We brought plenty of his usual dog treats and offered them frequently. 

It’s also important to take care of Archie’s health needs.  I don’t want to wait until he needs some type of treatment to find his new vet.  I’ll be contacting a new vet immediately for a check-up.  All of Archie’s records will be sent to the new vet so that he’ll know all of his health history.  This ensures that nothing will be missed.

Here are some of my favorite tips to help Archie with the move:

  • Keep up his routine, as much as possible
  • Bring along his favorite treats and toys
  • Keep his bedding with him, don’t make any changes
  • Speak calmly and reassure him often
  • Share lots of love and cuddles with him

Archie will soon be back to his normal anxiety level.  I’ll enjoy the time spent with him, because who doesn’t love extra cuddles?

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