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Disclosure: I was provided skin care products from Emior in order to do this review.  I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are 100% my own.


Emior skin care products are so beautiful!  You’ll feel extremely pampered when you open the gorgeous packaging.  The lovely color and gold engraved lettering are just part of the elegant boxes that arrive in your package from Emior.

I was anticipating the wonderful experience that I would have with these 4 lovely skin care products.  This group is made for an easy to follow skin care regimen that is also anti-aging.  Doesn’t that sound great?

When I’m checking out beauty products, I look for many things.  I love products that are beautiful and high quality.  The Emior tubes and bottles are packaged with safe inner lids and high-tech packaging that prevents any leaks or safety problems.  The Emior brand is Made in the USA, too!

I first washed my face with the Emior Gel Cleanser.  The clear gel lathered to produce a wonderful cleansing experience.  I rinsed well, and then could see and feel a very clean face.  My pores and skin felt very clean.  The cleanser seemed gentle, which is important to me.  I have extremely sensitive skin and suffer from MCAS and Sjogren’s Syndrome.  Both of these cause my skin to be dry and over-react to many irritants.


Next, I used the Emior Fruit Exfoliator.  The creamy base contains little exfoliating beads that did a super job of exfoliating my skin.  I rubbed in a circular motion to let those exfoliating beads do their job.  After rinsing, my face felt cleaner and very smooth.  I could feel and see a dramatic difference.

Step 3 was the Emior Anti Aging Serum.  This product has a pump to squirt out just the right amount of creamy serum.  I gently applied the cream on my face and neck.  It felt very smooth.  When it dried, it felt like their was a coating of it on my face.  After an hour, it felt much more silky.

Eye Cream

The last step is the Emior Eye Cream.  Because the under-eye area is so delicate, I was happy to see the creamy eye cream.  I gently applied it under my eye with my pinky-finger.  It took a few minutes to completely soak in.  I think it feels good for my mature under-eye skin.

Check out the Emior website to see all of the ingredients.  I always avoid any products with fragrance.  Even though there was fragrance in some of these skin care items, I haven’t had any break-outs from use.

You can follow Emior on Facebook, InstagramPinterest, and Youtube.  Thanks for checking out this beautiful skin care line!

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