Fun And Creative Ways To Make Your Life Easier

Life is all about the journey, right? But along the way, with all of the trials and tribulations that are sure to come about, why not try to have some fun and make things a little easier while you are at it? After all, you really should try and make the best of it. Keep reading for some unique ideas to get things done a little differently and with a bit more joy.

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Find a Creative Way to Get Around

If you happen to live in an area or community where golf carts are allowed, consider investing in used golf carts. A golf cart is an easy and quick way to get from point A to point B without having to drive your vehicle. Just by keeping your car parked, you will save on general wear and tear, maintenance costs, and of course your gas bill.

By using a golf cart, you reap the benefits of the fresh air and sunshine. A huge bonus of traveling via this mode of transportation is that you are more likely to have greater interaction with other people because you are more accessible via the open-air design.

Add a Basketball Hoop

When you can throw something toward its intended destination, it is usually a lot more fun for everyone than just walking over to the location. To make things entertaining, add clip-on basketball hoops to common items in your home, including:

  • Garbage Cans – Do not add these to kitchen or bathroom garbage cans for sanitary reasons.
  • Laundry Baskets or Hampers – Make sure the opening is wide enough so clothing will not get stuck in the net.
  • Sock Bin – After doing laundry, ball matching socks together and shoot them into the hoop you have placed directly over a sock bin.

Have Fun with Housework

Make cleaning more fun by enlisting the whole family, assigning jobs, setting a timer, and then competing to see who can finish first. Make it a rewards-based endeavor to up the ante and make it a friendly competition.

Watch this video to learn about fun ideas to get you motivated and have fun while you and your family clean your home.

Get Creative with Seating

If your children have a lot of stuffed animals, make or invest in a large fabric bean bag chair shell. Have your kids put most of their stuff into the chair. Once it is full, they can sit down and relax with a good book or pull it out into the living room for movie night. 

This is also a viable solution for your pre-teen or teenager who does not want to get rid of their beloved stuffed animals but does not want them on display. They can simply stash them away and create more comfortable seating in the process.

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Life gets difficult at times, but it does not have to stay that way. With a fun new mode of transportation and a little creative energy, you can make things more enjoyable while still being productive and efficient. Spread the word and bring your family on board. Play music, be competitive, and get the job done.

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