Hello, Fall! $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome to the Hello, Fall! $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!  Fall is here and cooler temperatures are coming.  Yay!  This giveaway prize is something everyone can use and I wish you the best as you enter below.

2023 Hello, Fall! Giveaway Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card Dates: October 1st – 23rd, 2023 Hosted by: The Rural Homemaker & Co-Hosted by: Jenns Blah Blah Blog & Pink Ninja Blog

Please be sure to visit the Host and Co-Hosts of this giveaway and check out their awesome blogs!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Thank you so very much for dropping by today and entering this huge giveaway!  If you love giveaways, you’ll want to check out my Giveaway page to see all my current fall giveaways and giveaway hops.

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34 thoughts on “Hello, Fall! $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. Hello all. Has anyone else ever shared a post on Facebook and then they said they removed it because it is spam? They just did this to me because I guess I shared this giveaway too many times? I’m confused and don’t quite understand but they said if I do it again my Facebook would be blocked? Please let me know if there’s a way around this. I don’t want my Facebook blocked but I wish to continue to share the giveaway. TYIA!

    1. Yes, I’ve had it happen a few times to me, and I was blocked from posting for a week. All that must happen for this, is if anyone reports your post as spam. Facebook doesn’t even review the report, many times.

        1. I know, it’s awful. I don’t know if this is a bot problem, or just someone who is in a bad mood? Unfollow or unfriend is the better choice, of course. I hope you are unblocked soon.

          1. thank you! i was able to make a post letting everyone know to just unfriend me if they don’t want to see lots of giveaway posts lol. I’m assuming I’m unblocked now but I thought it would take much longer than that.

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