How I Get Cozy On A Cold Winter Day

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Cozy by the Fire

As January ends and we look forward to February, we know there is still a lot of winter left to come. One of my favorite things about cold weather is staying in and getting cozy. I love wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks, wrapping up in a blanket, sitting in front of a fire, and eating comfort foods.

On cold weekends I love getting cozy and watching a great movie. The Hallmark winter movies are some of my favorites. Even if I know the plot before five minutes is up, I still enjoy the beautiful scenery and happy-ending shows. There are always a few things that you’ll see in every one of these movies: snow, snowmen, snowball fights, snow angels, roaring fireplaces, and hot cocoa.

Hot cocoa and winter just go well together. We all loved a cup of hot cocoa as children when it was a special treat. Having a cup after school, after sledding, or just as a feel-good treat, hot cocoa always hit the spot. And, it was always better with marshmallows floating on top.

Crave Hot Cocoa

That’s why I love sharing a new single-serve hot cocoa from Crave. I’ve loved every Crave coffee that I’ve tried and now I’ve also found that I love Crave Hot Cocoa, too. The Crave Hot Cocoa comes in these flavors: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Mexican Spice. Don’t they sound tempting?

I’m so happy that Crave sent me the 40-count box of Crave Variety Pack to try. The single-serve pods are perfect for a cold winter day to bring me that cozy feeling. I just have to pop a pod into my Keurig compatible machine and I quickly get a hot, delicious cup of hot cocoa. I love keeping marshmallows on hand to add that special topping. If you like, a dollop of whipped cream is scrumptious, too.

So, grab your fuzziest socks, super-soft blanket, and drink a hot cup of yummy hot cocoa from Crave on the next icy cold day. You’ll love the feeling of coziness!

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  1. I agree on a cold wintry day snuggling up and watching a Hallmark movie is a favorite with hot cocoa and a pastry to go with it! Think my daughters will agree!


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