How To Define Simple Living

Simple living isn’t always easy.  Making the choice to follow a path to a more simple life often brings you to do things that you never expected.  I always thought of simple living as a calm and beautiful existence.  Even though we may all have a different vision of simple living, it’s usually not a way of living that comes with lazy days.

Simple Living

Many people equate simple living with living like in the old days.  Some choose to go off the grid and live without the modern amenities.  They want to live in a way that allows them to only depend on themselves.  They build their own home and grow their own food.  Raising animals, building, hunting, and living without electricity isn’t an easy way.  This requires very hard work.

Hard physical work is often part of simple living, because people will be very tired physically, but mentally and emotionally they can find peace.  Living so close to nature has many health benefits: physical and emotional.  Escaping the technical distractions of life can also benefit relationships.  Without all the screens, families can spend more time in conversation, playing games, and connecting.


There are others who chose minimalism to bring themselves a simple life.  Ridding their homes of unneeded clutter and only owning the necessary items can promote peace and life can be simple.  We may all have the goal of simple living, but we may have a different plan and path to achieve it.

My personal vision of simple living had me living on a small farm with hard work and a peaceful life.  My farm would have delicious food and adorable animals.  This life was not to be for me, because my health conditions made me too fragile and sick to do physical work.  Accepting the life I’ve been given, my new vision of simple living now appears to be the opposite of farm life.  My new simple life will have to be found in an apartment.  


A simple life can be found in any place.  It can happen when we know our values and priorities and keep them.  Simple living is the perfect way of life for a family.  Putting aside distractions and focusing on the relationships in a family will make it strong.  There’s nothing more important on earth to me than my family.  I’m thankful for God’s blessings to me and my family.

If you desire to live more simply you’ll find it hard but gratifying work.  Life is very short and it will be better to live simply.

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  1. I have to be living the simple life, as simple as it gets for everyone right now. I’m sure people are right where they started, and some coping with being jobless, etc. Take care!!


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