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Things I Learned From My Grandmother

A few years back, it was all the rage to multi-task your way through life.  We talked about all the things that we could do at once.  It was believed that this was the way to get more done in … Continue reading

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How To Define Simple Living

Simple living isn’t always easy.  Making the choice to follow a path to a more simple life often brings you to do things that you never expected.  I always thought of simple living as a calm and beautiful existence.  Even … Continue reading

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Contemplating A Simple Life

Simple living begins in the mind.  Feeling the exhaustion from living in a pressure cooker could bring about a desire to escape a stressful way of life.  When the mind is fed up, the next step is to look for … Continue reading

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The Stuff Of A Simple Life

In the quest for a simpler life, it’s necessary to come face-to-face with my mistakes.  Because we’ll be moving soon and will need to downsize, the accumulation of clutter has been quite overwhelming.  I know we’re not hoarders, but you … Continue reading

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