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I know quite a few friends who are on the Keto Diet. I’m not a good match for it, but many people are getting amazing results. Is this a diet that you’ve tried before? There are many Keto Diet blogs, books, groups, and recipes are everywhere on the internet. It’s important to know where you can find good, quality Keto snacks.

When I’m dieting, snacks are a necessity. I need to know that I can eat something yummy between meals if I happen to get hungry. Snacks keep us from getting shaky and hangry, too. There are lots of recipes for fat bombs and candies. But, I also like to keep some ready-to-eat snacks on hand.

The Perfect Keto website has a handy quiz for you to take to learn what snacks might be best for you. I took it and received a coupon.

With their no-commitment subscription service, your chosen products will come on a regular basis at 20% off, and you’ll never run out. They also have Bundles (you can build your own) and this helps you to save 15% off the prices.

They have so many great products: Keto Collagen, Keto MCT Oil powder, bars, cookies, mixes, and nut butters. They kindly sent me packs of Superfat Keto Cookie Bites to try. The flavors are: chocolate chip, peanut-butter chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, and double dark chocolate chip. I got the Snickerdoodle flavor.

For every 4 cookies, you’ll be eating 2-3g net carbs. There is no added sugar and they’re gluten-free. Ingredients are: Almonds, Grass-fed butter and collagen, coconut, erythritol and stevia, and psyllium husk. You can tell by this list of ingredients that this is going to taste like a health cookie and not a Toll House recipe cookie.

I found the taste to be crumbly and crunchy. It had a sweet flavor with a stevia aftertaste. It wasn’t my favorite.

Other products to check out: Exogenous Ketone Base, Keto Electrolytes, and Keto Strips. Get 20% off your first order with coupon code: thefrugalgrandmom.

Check out their recipe section. You might like the Creamy Keto Strawberry Ice Cream or the Keto Chocolate Mousse recipe on the Perfect Keto blog. What is your perfect Keto snack? I would love some good recipes!

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