Making Your Home Undesirable to Pests

It’s exciting to be able to buy your own home and finally move in, but if there’s one thing that you need to consider, it’s how you make your home undesirable to pests. If you’re living in a particularly hot place, you might find more flies than you expect, but if you’re living in a cold place, you may find more mice.

Making your home pass proof is easy if you can call in residential pest control services to help you, but you might not have the funds to do that every time you notice pests. If you prefer to do it yourself, we’ve got some tips below to make your home much less inviting for bugs and other pests.

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  • Repair any holes or cracks or openings in your house from your basement to your attic. You need to make sure that you have any holes or cracks filled and painted over. Bugs and pests will get in through any crack that they can find, so the first thing that you have to do is block the way in. Go around the basement floor area and seal all of the cracks and use caulking compounds around pipes and wires that enter the building. You can also go outside and check the exterior for any cracks or holes because even if the house is new you still need to be sure that no pests are going to get in.
  • Make it so that they can’t eat anything. One thing that bugs and pests are looking for is a way to sustain themselves. Bugs will share your house because there is shelter and food available, so making sure the kitchen is clean and free of crumbs is important. Not leaving food scraps or dirty dishes around will reduce the availability of food. This way they’ll go elsewhere and find food somewhere outside your house.
  • Keep the house dry. Bugs and other pests really do love to live in moist environments, so whether you have leaky pipes or fittings, it provides areas of wetness that you could be avoiding. Another basic thing that insects and other pests need to survive is a leaky roof, because this is the lovely playground for all of the life that you’ll find in the ceilings. If you have a leak it will be big enough for pests to come in somehow.keeping the house dry will help.
  • Tidy the yard. If there are areas outside the home where pests and insects can hide, they will be in them. Making sure that long grass and decaying leaves are taken away will ensure that there is no home for pests outside the house that could move their way inside.
  • Bring in a cat. A great way to keep your house undesirable to pests is with a cat. Not only will they kill and eat any bugs, they will kill and play with any mice. Not all bugs are bad, of course, but having a cat in the home is an inbuilt pest deterrent.

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  1. Great tips. We do a yearly check to make sure that there are no cracks or openings on the outside especially as the weather gets colder.

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